Motivating Peak Performance Workshop

Are you motivated to achieve peak performance?
Are your team members motivated?

If you or your company are not getting 
the performance, business results and profits you want, 
join Renwick Brutus on March 19 
and accelerate your path to becoming a peak performer.

So, what exactly IS peak performance?

Peak Performance means something different to every person and organization. It could include: a high level of energy or enthusiasm, clarity of purpose, crystallized thinking, acute insight and creativity, stamina, adept listening, persuasiveness, focus, concentrated effort, leisure time, a particular level of revenue, net worth, sales volume, profit margin, profit per employee, and numerous other behavioral attributes or outcomes. 

Would these habits improve your life? 
Could such improvements in your employees or team members increase their effectiveness?

At this workshop, you’ll learn how to:
- Increase personal motivation
- Engender confidence and trust
- Communicate more effectively
- Improve personal and organizational performance
- Enhance business results and profits

Additional benefits:
- Your registration price includes a one-year membership in the Achievers Alliance, which is a $35 value. (More information about this exciting new group will be announced at the seminar.)
- You’ll receive a workbook to remind you of everything you’ve learned.
- You’ll have the opportunity to network and build relationships with other aspiring peak performing business professionals like yourself.


When: Tuesday, March 19 from 1-4:30 p.m.

Where: The River Room
 – 2nd floor of the Riverview Center, 678 Front Avenue NW
, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Registration: The cost for this valuable seminar is $75. You can register online or by mailing a check payable to Achievement Resources, LLC., 678 Front Avenue NW, Suite 160, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. For more information, email or call 616-245-3710.

About Renwick Brutus:

Renwick Brutus believes in the power of the possible. His journey of transcending poverty and illness to achieving academic and entrepreneurial success inspires him to help others unleash their potential. A distinctive blend of business strategy, interpersonal insight, infectious laughter and visionary style makes him as unique as his name implies. 
As a speaker, author and consultant to corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations, Renwick consistently delivers superb results. He is the Founder and CEO of Achievement Resources, LLC, (and also) the Founder and Principal of Prism Wealth Management, LLC, and Principal of Universal Decontamination Services, LLC.

“When people discover how to bring out their best, 
they deliver value that defies comparison. 

They become indispensable – and 
by extension, financially invincible.”
– Renwick Brutus, MBA

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