About Us

Our Philosophy

The Achievement Resources team brings a fresh approach to the business of consulting. Experienced, creative and deeply committed to our clients, we draw on a unique blend of entrepreneurial principles, proven business strategies and a strong desire to help individuals and businesses become better at the things that matter most.

We emphasize the importance of building organizational cultures that value caring and collaboration, innovation and resourcefulness. By helping people develop their skills, confidence and motivation, we help companies grow. 

Our Approach

Achievement Resources consultants help you discover opportunities for change, improvement, and ultimately, personal, professional and organizational growth.

Our work is focused in the areas of:

A typical client engagement begins with a discussion of your present situation, perceived needs and organizational objectives. During this process, your strategic goals and business priorities are established and/or refined.

An analysis designed to identify gaps between your current practices and results and your desired outcomes usually is performed next. We assess performance indicators, including:

  • Culture of your business
  • Leadership and management styles
  • Business systems and structures
  • Talents, performance and skills of team members
  • Financial indicators

 Using the gathered data, we then work with you to:

  • Develop a plan of action
  • Align responsibilities with team member talents
  • Design business and competency development programs
  • Create an environment for success

Finally, we ensure that once your course of action is charted, you stay focused on your goals. We collaborate with you to: 

  • Implement systematic reviews and analysis
  • Make tactical adjustments
  • Provide ongoing insight and accountability
  • Challenge and coach your team members
  • Measure and track results

Our Client Results

Achievement Resources facilitates discovery of the gaps between where you are and where you want to be, and then provides the insight and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

 Our clients routinely experience substantial growth through their engagement with us. We are gratified to hear enthusiastic comments like these:

  • “We generated more revenue in the last month than in the prior 11 months combined.”
  • “We had our best year ever in over 20 years of business.”
  • “We increased our business by 24 percent over the prior year, during which Achievement Resources had already helped us to be our best ever.”