Sales and Marketing

Achiever’s Edge: 
Success in selling is rooted in your commitment to help others improve their condition.

Embedded in the Achievement Resources approach to sales and marketing are the principles of caring, creativity and confidence. As you seek innovative ways to help coworkers, clients and the community, you become an invaluable resource. People look to you for solutions, trusting that you can deliver.

Achievement Resources advisors help you develop greater clarity of your customers and markets, fuller understanding of the unique attributes of your products and services, commitment to helping others improve their condition, and the discipline to communicate for maximum benefit. The confidence you gain inevitably engenders customer confidence in you, your products and your services.

Our comprehensive program assesses individual and organizational effectiveness in key aspects of your sales and marketing initiatives, including:

  • Target Markets
  • Products, Services and Experiences
  • Brand Identity and Message
  • Packaging and Promotion
  • Distribution Channels
  • Pricing Competitiveness
  • Communications

Sales associates and managers develop and update the knowledge, skills and work habits that ensure consistent growth in customer acquisition, sales volume and profits. Key areas of focus include:

  • Developing a Sales Philosophy
  • Asking Insightful Questions and Listening
  • Building Relationships and Earning Trust
  • Networking and Prospecting
  • Prospect Development
  • Communications
  • Public Speaking and Presenting Skills
  • Influencing, Negotiating and Closing
  • Serving Customers with Excellence
  • Developing Brand Loyalty