Play for Pay

What do the world's finest and most outstanding athletes and entertainers have in common?

The Slight Edge That Pays Big

What is the difference between the average person and the incredibly successful entrepreneur, business owner, or professional?

Stay On Track With Your 2013 Goals

Now that we’re in February already, how are you doing with the resolutions and goals you set for the new year?

If you’re slipping a little or not where you thought you’d be by now, you’re not alone. Many people dive into January motivated and focused, yet within a month or two, their progress begins to lag. Coincidentally, this is around the same time fitness centers start to slow down after the busy January rush.

So, how do you stay on track or find your momentum again?

Make commitments

Networking for Your Next Job: Creating Intense Demand for You

A few days ago I asked a young lady who was just laid off what position she was looking for. Her answer was “It’s such a tough job market; I will take any job I can get. I’m not going to be fussy.” As an employer, I was immediately turned off and disinterested.

The Leadership Paradox: Authenticity or Results?

Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed an explosion of interest in the field of leadership. While politicians, pastors, business leaders and educators have all made significant contributions historically, there has been a proliferation of perspectives from many who have not been contributors in the past.

Much of the discussion of leadership seems to involve a discussion of the “philosophy of leadership.” The concepts of vision, self-awareness, power, authority, and service occupy center stage in the search to understand leadership.

Social Networking: A Model for Community Engagement

The presidential campaign of 2008 demonstrated the effectiveness of a new model for engaging a community in order to effect change. Whatever your political ideology - liberal, conservative or independent, as you move beyond the euphoria, celebration or anguish, you can learn some useful lessons.

Getting Better Results: 5 Rules for Sales Professionals

If you’re working hard and making fewer sales than you would like, stop and pay attention to a few simple rules for improving your results. If you focus your energies and apply these steps to your daily activities, you will have more fun, make more sales, and increase your income.

Medical Practice Excellence: A Pathway to Success for Physicians

As I was having a beverage with Dr. J, I asked him the question, “of all the things that you would like to improve right now in order to improve your life and be even more successful than you are, which one area stands out above all the others?” Dr. J answered by saying, “I want to work fewer hours.

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